21 weird foods that were unwittingly bought in grocery stores

Shopping is not everyone's cup of tea and for many it means losing precious time. However, our local grocery store can also be a meeting place where we bump into neighbors or friends. It could also be a place where stumble on some really strange finds.

From weird-shaped vegetables to factory fails, sometimes we have no idea what we'll find when we open a packet or cut a piece of fruit in half. At least it can make shopping a bit more fun... Just check out these photos - and remember, next time this could be you!

1. Have you ever had this many peanuts in one shell?

© thegreatsnowman / Reddit  

2. Yum, a double-yolker!

3. The longest banana on the planet?

4. Fries made from giant potatoes

© h4yw00d / Reddit  

5. Too pretty to eat...

6. So which end would you eat first?

© jerbear574 / Reddit  

7. So this is why the packet says they're "original"

8. Perfection! Some people have all the luck

© MajesticBearSong / Imgur  

9. A bar and a half!

10. Onion rings come in all shapes and sizes

© Deanster109 / Reddit  

11. Teddy Bears?

12. A kiwi inside a kiwi

13. The pleasure of finding a whole cookie!

© HubbleBubbleGum / Reddit  

14. Huge and seedless!

15. The joy of finding a double layer

16. A neverending curly fry

© deanmakesglass / Reddit  

17. A mango that's bigger than two hands

18. A multi-grape

19. Two fortune cookies for the price of one!

© warmachine1992 / Reddit  

20. When a store puts fudge in a freezer

21. Jackpot! A stone-less avocado