22 completely ridiculous inventions for women

There are plenty of cool inventions and life hacks that target women.  And then there are the others...  From LED false eyelashes to face masks that shoot electric currents into your face, some are so crazy that we don't know whether to laugh or cry.

To give you an idea, here are 22 completely ridiculous inventions that designers thought would make women's lives easier.  Suffice to say, we're not convinced!

1. LED false eyelashes - a revolutionary idea that we really don't need

© AfroSwagga?/twitter  

2. An electric shock mask for the scariest facial ever 

© koreanmakeupnow/twitter  

3. A terrifying anti-wrinkle sheet mask

© JapanTrendShop/twitter  

4. Eyelid trainer...

© ShuangYanPiMeiRongQi/facebook  

5. Forget fillers - just give your lips a work-out

© JapanTrendShop/twitter  

6. Apparently it's called a 'Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece'

© boingboing.net  

7. A contraption that gives you a slim, pointy nose

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8. Allergic to lipstick?  Then invest in a lip sticker!

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9. A fake face for a flawless complexion

© Joy Li/twitter  

10. So you can take your goldfish to work

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11. Hand-pumped nail varnish dryer

© DaikinIndia/twitter  

12. So you can clip your nails in once go (ouch!)

© mugageni/twitter  

13. Sippers with integrated dustpan and brush

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14. Roller buggy (this is actually quite cool!)

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15. Wash and walk...

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16. A paper towel that preserves your dignity whilst you enjoy your 'big mouthful of hamburger'.

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17. Shoe umbrellas - you still need to avoid puddles!

© Pelichet Nicole/twitter  

18. A full body umbrella

© MonaLyssa?/twitter  

19. Portable changing room so you can switch outfits whilst you're on the move

© BloomActive/twitter  

20. A bra with integrated water bag.  Also works with wine...

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21. Bra with integrated credit card and cell phone pockets

© Joey_Bra/twitter  

22. A calorie-counting fork  

© HAPILABS?/twitter  

As you can see, there's some pretty whacky stuff out there.  But what about you?  Any ideas up your sleeve?  You never know, they could make you a fortune!

Photo credits: Joy Li/twitter, boingboing