22 interesting things captured by a camera

You think you've seen it all? Think again! Life is full of little surprises all around us. It keeps pushing the boundaries, breaking rules, and making you see things you didn’t know were there.

There are situations that are both bizarre and unreal in all corners of the Earth, and each is as beautiful as it is intriguing.

The photos below will show you that you still have to do some traveling to see all of these things.

1. An albino kangaroo!

2. Old meets new

3. A red lake!

4. An impressive storm…


5. Yes, this is a bridge!

6. 50 or 60 years apart?

7. In the depths of the sea!

8. Someone forgot to move the cone…

© PainMatrix / reddit  

9. In all colors...

10. The progression of a career

© unknown / reddit  

11. A wall in Lisbon…

12. Light coming down from the sky!

© TmarTn / reddit  

13. The bricks were no problem for this grass…

14. Where’s the rest?

© LieutenantJesus / reddit  

15. Old vs. new

16. This shadow of a pen looks like a water bottle…

© Tyler__Harris / reddit  

17. Resting on a tree!

18. A wooden wall where dead vines once grew

19. Bee hotel

© suriyanoodle / imgur  

20. An underwater forest!

21. It’s already empty?

22. A fairly original piece of furniture!

© mikeadocious / reddit