23 awesome behind-the-scenes photos from iconic movies

Few of us are lucky enough to visit a set whilst filming's under way and yet it's the most intriguing part of movie-making! Imagine if you could 'watch' a movie from the crew's perspective or catch your favorite characters in off-set mode?

To give you a taste of this behind-the-scenes world, here are 23 awesome photos taken during breaks or from an unusual viewpoint!

1. Gandalf replying to his emails during a break in filming

2. The dog attack scene from I Am Legend

3. If you ever wondered how the books in the Harry Potter franchise manage to fly off the shelves

4. Uma Thurman chatting to her Kill Bill stuntwoman

5. The monkey from 2001: A Space Odyssey

6. The Evil Hobo from Mulholland Drive posing with David Lynch

7. A grinning Black Swan!

8. The 'terrifying' twins from The Shining

9. Rehearsing a dance sequence for La La Land 

10. When (the original) IT stops for a quick smoke in the rain

11. It was so cold outside that The Shining cast smoked indoors

12. The hobbits pose with Peter Jackson on the Rivendell set

13. Preparing for a train scene in Back to the Future Part lll

14. La La Land before and post-editing - amazing what a change in color and contrast can do!

15. Harry Potter mourning Dobby's death on a 'deserted' beach

16. An audition photo from X-Men: Days of Future Past

17. Filming a close-up scene for Requiem for a Dream

18. Gandalf dozed off during a scene and the crew decided to film him just like that!

19. The huge mansion block that was the Grand Budapest Hotel

20. Iñárritu with the Birdman cast

21. One of the Matrix's most impressive fight scenes

22. Robert Rodriguez runs Rose McGowan through her moves for Terror Planet

23. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino twists alongside Thurman and Travolta in this classic Pulp Fiction scene