23 funny and cute family photo recreations guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Family and childhood photos capture precious mementos that we treasure.  But to spice things up a bit, some families recreate exactly the same scene years later, often with hilarious results. 

Here are 23 funny and cute family photo recreations that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

1. The first photo was at elementary school and the second was in 12th grade

© _tyrahunt/twitter  

2. Twenty years earlier they gave their grandma a photo of her grandchildren for her 70th birthday.  They recreated the exact same shot 20 years later for her 90th birthday!

© Unknown/reddit  

3. First and last day at school - same photo, but over 10 years apart!

© Unknown/reddit  

4. 22 years separate these two shots: nothing in the background has changed except that the tree's also grown up!

© echoenovy  

5. This is kind of weird...

© tyrol13/imgur  

6. Awesome - we love this one!

© PacificFrim/imgur  

7. Two brothers who recreated their mom's favorite photo several years down the line

© TheTrollFarmer/imgur  

8. When a brother and sister prove their dressing up skills haven't changed!

© BaconGod31/imgur  

9. When your dad can still hold you in his arms (well, almost!)

© eatingcardboard/reddit  

10. "We've known each other for 22 years and we're getting married next June!"

© minitrr/imgur  

11. This little girl always wanted to become a cop and several years later her dream came true!

© alexantonovici/imgur  

12. These guys put together an excellent then and now series as a gift for their mom and dad

© naythd/imgur  

© ThatsGoldJerry_Gold  

13. There's 16 years between these two photos and it looks like they've still got their old Batman costumes

© Unknown/imgur  

14. This mom took a photo of her boy every year in the same pair of jeans to show him how quickly he'd grow up. At 14 years old, they're almost a perfect fit.

© Super Mom Workout/facebook  

© Super Mom Workout/facebook  

15. And she did the same thing with her daughter, but using a wedding dress instead!

© supermomworkout/instagram  

© supermomworkout/instagram  

16. We just love their facial expressions!

© bonebowl/imgur  

17. When 4 brothers want to show off their muscles!

© SomeChickOnImgurWhoLovesBacon/imgur  

18. Hilarious photos separated by 20 years!

© woodyj/imgur  

19. 6 best friends at 10, 17 and 29 years old!

© downwarddawg  

20. Wearing the same style of clothes and posing 29 years later in front of the Texas State Capitol!

© asuh/reddit  

21. "The first is my dad at 29 and me at 2 weeks… The second is me at 29 and my own son at 2 weeks!"

© BeerIsDelicious/reddit  

22. "Me with my grandma on my first day at school and again with her 19 years later!" 

© JohnClarkLevin/imgur  

23. These guys decided to give their mom/wife a personalized calendar - here's the month of June!

© bonebowl/imgur  

Have you ever tried then and now photo recreations? If not, they're fun to do and are a great gift idea to offer to a close one.  Do you still have any of your old clothes or hang out with the same people? Then give it a try and share your snaps with us below!