23 photos people found of their grandparents who could have been stars

While flipping through old photo albums, some people gained a new appreciation for how beautiful their grandparents were when they were younger. Some of these family photos even look like snapshots of movie stars.

Here are 24 photos of grandmothers and grandfathers whose style could have graced the pages of the top fashion magazines.

1. A grandma who looks like a star on the silver screen…

© somecoolishname / Reddit  

2. On the canals of Venice, like a great figure of Italian cinema…

© ferballz / Reddit  

3. This couple looks like a popular duo from the Roaring 20s.

© fiendishthingysaurus / Reddit  

4. A gorgeous portrait in black and white

© dietmtndewgirl / Reddit  

5. Still noted for her blonde beauty

© somethingtosuckon / Reddit  

6. This grandmother had a very chic but casual look.

© Bobqee / Reddit  

7. This grandfather had the talents of a sailor and model.

© schants / Imgur  

8. Another sailor who knew how to strike a pose…

© i_hate_pennies / Reddit  

9. A photo that would find quite an audience on Instagram today…

© baconcollar / Reddit  

10. Style from head to toe

© wfyff / Reddit  

11. A beautiful photo for a beautiful memory…

© JGtheburninator / Reddit  

12. A very charming grandfather

© mkmast21 / Reddit  

13. A full hair and beard combo before it was hip…

© Willhardt_Foolhardy / Reddit  

14. What a beautiful couple!

© 5torm / Reddit  

15. A slight resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow?

© joshbike / Reddit  

16. A grandmother with piercing eyes

© foxlashes / Reddit  

17. A very beautiful photo of the bride…

© rfunkhouse / Reddit  

18. A likely candidate to play James Bond in the 50s?

© Poopfaceha / Reddit  

19. This grandmother used to be a professional model.

© Annamole42 / Imgur  

20. This grandfather must have been the neighborhood heartbreaker.

© aking25 / Reddit  

21. This guy had dimples that must have driven women wild!

© fat_pancake / Reddit  

22. This bride wore a traditional costume quite well.

© Timbooo3 / Reddit  

23. Unquestionably, this grandmother had the silkiest hair ever!

© -Rin / Reddit