24 companies that know how to keep the customer satisfied

"The customer is king" is an age-old business mantra, and we're not talking about offering discounts or fidelity awards... Sometimes it doesn't need a revolutionary idea or dubious marketing to get a patron to spend their hard-earned dollars, and businesses are now getting increasingly creative when it comes to going that extra mile!

They want to attract new customers and also keep their regulars happy, thanks to customer service ideas that are not just out of the ordinary, but also surprisingly easy to implement. Here are some easy-to-apply measures that make all the difference when it comes to keeping the customer satisfied.

1. This store has a mini obstacle course so you can test their hiking shoes

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2. This restaurant has "purse" chairs

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3. In Finland you can thank bus drivers by pressing this button

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4. An all-in-one utensil

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5. Because pets deserve their own tents

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6. Awesome projector idea

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7.  A bench with 2 solar-powered USB chargers

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8. A space-saving toilet unit

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9. A thermos flask that monitors the drink's temperature

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10. Enjoy a loaf of freshly-baked bread

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11. This restaurant has a dog menu

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12. A dog park!

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13. Because some like it firm and some like it soft...

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14. A hand meets face dryer

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15. Bus seats with cell phone chargers

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16. This hotel provides rubber ducks

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17. Winter boots with an integrated flip-down ice cleat

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18. Charge your phone while you try on clothes

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19. Kiss goodbye to buying your kids new ski pants every year 

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20. These steps glow in the dark

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21. A spare parts dispenser

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22. Why wasn't this thought of before?

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23. This school has bike repair stations

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24. Buses in Canada are famous for being polite!

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