24 concepts and ideas designed by very talented people

Imagination can be a big thing. Some people demonstrate their creative imaginations daily, to the point of coming up with some pretty awesome objects. Some of these items or ideas might leave you speechless!

Examples of people’s vivid imaginations are photographed every day around the world. There are some really beautiful pictures. Here are a few of them below.

1. This faucet at the Johannesburg airport

© Atalanta8 / reddit  

2. This lamp post in front of a chiropractor's office

© joshi_bar / reddit  

3. A chocolate bunny from IKEA

© WyattMontgomery / reddit  

4. This cat jungle is better than a simple cat tree!

© Proteon / reddit  

5. These fish socks in Japan

© danifrancuzrose / reddit  

6. This tablecloth looks like a beer bottlecap!

© veganbooster / reddit  

7. When you’re sponsored by a tire company…

© JuliusSneezer000000 / reddit  

8. This sign uses a piece of wood to advertise the Toronto Academy of Karate!

© dittidot / reddit  

9. Probably the best case for the iPhone

© Commando / 20th Century Fox   © Silver Pictures   © anomalocaridid1 / reddit  

10. These lanyards have USB charging cables with lightning and USB-C support.

© fet-o-lat / reddit  

11. This advertisement for a casino at an airport

© EatGarb / reddit  

12. Fiat knows how to position itself in the best advertisements!

© stan1880 / reddit  

13. These jellyfish lamps at a seafood restaurant...

© dhbuckley / reddit  

14. This bus bench has a solar panel and two wireless charging stations!

© Snudge / reddit  

15. This crane is painted like a giraffe.

© StateOfTronce / reddit  

16. This transparent tent offers a unique experience!

© GallowBoob / reddit  

17. The walls in this school were painted to look like giant books.

© Mundelein High School District 120 / facebook   © Mundelein High School District 120 / facebook  

18. Probably the best store fronts ever – for a couple of music stores

© davevw9898 / reddit  

19. At this theater, the doorknob is a film reel.

© SkinADeer / reddit  

20. A simple emergency exit light can even be turned into something great.

© l3El2Tl2AM / reddit  

21. These tables seem to defy gravity…

© DaRealJammy / reddit  

22. This toilet was designed to fit in a corner!

© quack785 / reddit  

23. Heart pills in the shape of – you guessed it – a heart!

© badboyballu / reddit  

24. A beautiful mural that incorporates a safety rail at a nursing home!

© FigaroTheParrot / reddit