24 creative ways to upcycle old wooden pallets

Upcycling helps the planet as much as it does our bank accounts. Even the smallest gesture can make a difference, whether it's to reduce waste or add a useful piece of furniture to our homes.

A perfect combo that’s a win-win, even if, as this case, it does require some basic skills. Wooden pallets are everywhere and often found left by the roadside or in a dumpster. And yet they can be turned into some incredible things and enjoy a new lease of life. So, if you know how to handle a saw, hammer and nails, check out these genius ideas!

1. A pallet that's been turned into a beehive

© hairy_quadruped / Reddit  

2. A simple boundary fence

© Switchmisty9 / Reddit  

3. As a support for raised beds or containers

© Alagosdor / Reddit  

4. A cheap wooden floor for your camper van

© GrandpaCoyote / Reddit  

5. A swing bed - for dogs and humans alike!

© IAmGregAnderson / Reddit  

6. A vintage-style wooden door

© ThingsIveCreated / Reddit  

7. Remove a few slats and make a handy storage unit

© dhl1911 / Reddit  

8. Ever wanted your own skate park?

© mattricksmagic / Imgur  

9. With time and patience, you can even make wall cladding!

© Minivanv / Imgur  

10. A cheap and cheerful garden shed

© Bobbiethyname / Imgur  

11. Add wheels for a practical coffee table

© jbryson1982 / Imgur  

12. For anyone who loves barbecues

© KONKREETkahuna / Imgur  

13. Because benches are always useful

© jester787 / Imgur  

14. Good enough for a bar or restaurant

© hatchetjackson / Imgur  

15. Make your own futon!

© VictorKiloSierra / Imgur  

16. Another awesome coffee table idea

© massivebadgers / Imgur  

17. Just need to buy a new mattress

© cyborgone2002 / Imgur  

18. Make a trash can rather than throwing pallets out with the trash

© ridingdutchman / Imgur  

19. A cozy bed for your pets

© 1sandiegan / Imgur  

20. Transformed into a map

© thepoopthatwaspromised / Imgur  

21. Make your own Hanging Gardens of Babylon

© Bluehelix / Imgur 

22. Great as a shed or play area for your kids

© Foter  

24. Don't waste money on fencing!

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