24 fascinating "behind the scenes" photos

Most of us don't realize what’s going behind the scenes, for example if a journalist is "on location" and doing a live report - we have no idea about what's involved besides them holding a microphone and talking to the camera.

We're also often duped about jobs that look easy, but require a lot more effort than we think. In other words, it's not all about the appearance, as so many things in so many jobs go on in the background. So we've put together a fascinating selection of photos that proves there's so much more than meets the eye...

1. Ready to go on air

2. The importance of a good cameraman

© OfficialAlectPrasad / Reddit  

3. A secret cleaning closet

© Prong1978 / Reddit  

4. Direct from a location above the city

© RamsesThePigeon / Reddit  

5. The back of an LED screen

© LilyansDad / Reddit  

6. Ever seen the underside of a giant water lily?

© BomgKampot / Pikabu  

7. Inside a power station's cooling tower

© deadmen08 / Reddit  

8. It'll be on Instagram by the end of the day

© tvhow / Reddit  

9. This is how hermit crabs crawl into their shell

© ShinjiteFlorana / Reddit  

10. How to make food look even tastier

11. The inside of a firework

© Morty_Goldman / Reddit  

12. The beginning of a mural

© MarkLacap / Reddit  

13. Inside a DVD distributor

© Flame87 / Reddit  

14. A normal working day at NASA!

© jstrydor / Reddit  

15. The technological side of theater productions

© ThriftySM / Imgur  

16. Behind the Hollywood sign

© JiveMonkey / Reddit  

17. How to pretend your model is "drowning" in coffee beans

18. Inside a salt mine

© -sUBzERoo- / Reddit  

19. Keeping an eye on the weather...

© ucrbuffalo / Imgur  

20. A storage room at the Smithsonian

© breadbanana / Imgur  

21. Airbus Space workers give the thumbs up!

© AirbusSpace / Twitter  

22. Before they reach supermarket shelves

© DwightKSchnute / Reddit  

23. A not-so-intimate moment

© ADiscoveryOfWTV / Twitter  

24. When firefighters create a firebreak

© hypersonicelf / Reddit