24 photos that sum up the simple pleasures in life

Winter is here, along with freezing weather. Days are short, the sun is hidden behind clouds and all we want to do is curl up in front of a cozy fire. Or at least that’s the case for anyone who doesn't live in a tropical climate!

So, to cheer up those of us who just want to hibernate and count down the days until summer, here's a selection of feelgood photos that show the simple pleasures in life! 

1. When your puppy discovers a new activity

© ouiners / reddit  

2. His dog does this whenever he gets back from work

© skiba27 / reddit  

3. Grandpa letting his granddaughter win!

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4. A ship's crew watch their cat sleep

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5. This dog was in a refuge for 8 months... And then his forever family adopted him

© ClownFishdaDish / reddit  

6. The joys of childhood

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7. A hummingbird snacks on a raspberry

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8. One very tired kitten

© shadowwraiths / reddit  

9. Their dad hand-made this Halloween costume

© Thea_From_Juilliard / reddit  

10. Protecting their dog from the city's pollution

© antilashden / twitter  

11. "If it fits, I sits..."

© Sh1fty3yedD0g / reddit  

12. What a gentleman!

© eretikitavi / pikabu  

13. Meet Molly, a blind rescue dog, who is now the best-loved pooch in the world!

© pauldfleck / reddit  

14. Just a butterfly taking a quick break

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15. Intergenerational love

© justminick / reddit  

16. "I have something to tell you..."

© Heart-Bubbles / reddit  

17. All members of the family get their height measured, including the cat!

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18. "It's tickling me!"

© Dr_Emmet_Brown / reddit  

19. Hide 'n seek

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20. Total relaxation

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21. One can never be too careful!

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22. His elderly owner was suddenly hospitalized and he was left at a bus stop... Fortunately he was immediately rescued and adopted!

© alexmix / pikabu  

23. A guy who often visited a refuge was always followed by this cat.  Guess where the cat now lives!

© thisisnotmyrealname / reddit  

24. When a refuge cat chooses its new owner!

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur