25 astonishing photos of kids who look exactly like their parents!

Most of us have a mix of both of our parents when it comes to the way we look.  But then again, genetics is a law unto itself as this selection of photos proves!

Here are 25 photos of kids who are total mini-versions of their mom or dad!

1. Real-life Rapunzels going for a stroll

© hasiko/pikabu  

2. Identical!

© sstr677/reddit  

3. This dad and daughter both suffer from vitiligo

© _JediLuke_/twitter  

4. Our choice of vehicles can also be genetic!

© breakno/reddit  

5. Like mother, like daughter

© skeemz86/reddit  

6. When heavy metal flows through your blood and genetics!

© maximvm/reddit  

7. Wow, check out those eyes!

© dabanad/imgur  

8. Photos of a dad and his son, taken 20 years apart!

© SiegStrazh/pikabu  

9. Photos of a father and daughter taken at the same age

© Lennox/pikabu  

10. Once a blue-eyed hipster, always a blue-eyed hipster

© Booksoney/reddit  

11. When you and your baby have exactly the same expression!

© unknown author/imgur  

12. Photos of a father and son taken at the same age whilst wearing the same clothes!

© Sgt-Yu/reddit  

13. When your kid decides to get things started!

© dondeee79/reddit  

14. Sport, like music, also runs in the blood!

© mars90000000/imgur  

15. When one of your thumbs matches your mom's and the other matches your dad's!

© ChewyPickle/reddit  

16. Just a lazing in front of the TV

© GLMike/reddit  

17. Or enjoying an afternoon nap!

© Blestoch/reddit  

18. Another father and son at the same age

© JIOIICTEP/pikabu  

19. Like father, like daughters!

© iliekpulse/imgur  

20. Both mom and daughter were born with striking blonde forelocks!

© S33YA/twitter  

21. When a dad decides to lead by example

© BayAreaBeerFan/reddit  

22. Identical, even when they're sleeping!

© beet111/reddit  

23. This dad lost part of his finger in an accident when he was 10.  His daughter was born with a really short index finger!

© poopjetpack/reddit  

24. When both you and your dad love snoozing in lobbies!

© justinerwin/reddit  

25. Both mum and daughter have one blue and once brown eye!

© x511100x/reddit

Did you inherit any particular features or habits from your parents? Tell us more in the comments section!