25 cute pets snapped mimicking their owners

Most vets and animal-lovers claim that pets not only look like their owners, but also tend to mimic their every move (well, almost!).

By way of proof, we've come up with a selection of 25 adorable photos of pets doing exactly the same thing as their owner!  What about you?  Do you have any four-legged friends that mimic you?  Share your photos and comments with us below! 

1. When a protective big cat curls up beside his tiny human friend

© innana96 / imgur  

"I've got your back!"

2. Like father, like son

Hard to tell which one looks the most relaxed!

3. When a dog and his master fall fast asleep

Note that the dog's got two pillows!

4. "What's so interesting?"

© unknown / imgur  

Cuteness overload!

5. Check out the smile!

© unknown / imgur  

A cheeky canine grin!

6. When your cat challenges you to a game of Battleships

© subyamxapa / imgur  

"I've just sunk your aircraft carrier..."

7. Best friends forever...

© unknown / imgur  

Unconditional love!

8. "Fancy a selfie session?"

© GymLeaderDani / imgur  

Wonder if the cat also has an Instagram account?

9. "Who gave you permission to enter?"

© unknown / imgur  

"Leave now, you're not welcome - we're busy!"

10. Because owners make the best cushions!

© vloss / imgur  

This guy didn't want a cat but bowed under pressure from his girlfriend.  Here he is two days after the kitten arrived!

11. "What you looking at,"

© unknown / imgur  

"My masters got attitude and I got style..."

12. When there's not enough room

© unknown / imgur  

"I wish the couch was bigger... I need a nap!"

13. When your cat finds the best pillow in the house

© unknown / imgur  

This cat looks like he's settled down for the day!

14. When a dog's as crazy as his family

© TheKoki / reddit  

We wonder how long the dog held this pose before wolfing down the pancake!

15. A literary cat!

© mlc2475 / imgur  

He also enjoys watching TV...

16. Because he also loves bike rides

© antinbath / imgur  

An adventurous couple

17. Tanning competition

© deftkillerstu / imgur  

When your mom and dad send you a photo like this, it means you've been replaced!

18. Sharing a meal is a true sign of friendship

© unknown / imgur  

Best friends share everything...

19. Just cruising along...

© unknown / imgur  

When you wonder if your dog is in fact a human in disguise!

20. It's important to learn business skills whilst you're young

© FuzzRay / imgur  

This cat will be investing in Bitcoins before you know it!

21. Sweet dreams

© unknown / imgur  

Nothing's more comforting that a happy, purring cat!

22. Our cats also feel bad when we've got the blues

© gangumangu / imgur  

A problem shared is a problem halved!

23. Why do some men prefer dogs?

© unknown / imgur  

Because they're great TV buddies!

24. "Is there a problem?"

© FairDinkemAussie / imgur  

"Yes, bring me food.  And some water."

25. Completely flaked out

"Feel free to tickle my tummy..."