25 ideas that make everyday life easier

Today’s designers are pretty creative, and we thank them for their inventiveness and ingenuity. Day after day, designers come up with objects that make everyday life easier. Sometimes this might not sound very interesting. However, the development of an object can be both subtle and useful.

For example, did you know that there’s a pen that tells you how many words you can write with it? We offer you some creations that are a bit out of the ordinary.

1. It’s not always easy to keep a cowboy hat on your head... except with this!

© Bannybear1 / reddit  

2. A bench that can be rolled over after a rainy day…

© sung woo park / coroflot.com  

3. This desk has pedals... so kids can get some exercise while learning!

© LurkerMcLurkerton / reddit  

4. This trash receptacle encourages people throw away cigarette butts by voting!

© Seth_Leaveon / reddit  

5. In Seoul, South Korea, the fuel pumps hang from above, so you don’t have to worry about remembering whether the gas tank is on the left or right!

© Unknown / reddit  

6. This gadget gives the appearance that someone is watching TV! Perfect to prevent burglars from breaking in.

© skymaredreamseek / reddit  

7. This pen lets you know how many words you can write with it.

© SatanPuntMeN2TheVoid / reddit  

8. This tie has a microfiber lining so you can wipe off your phone screen!

© Unknown / reddit  

9. When it rains, these flowers can be moved out of the wind!

10. This ATM lets you pick what kind of bills you want!

© the_next_cheesus / reddit  

11. This elevator lets you use your feet to push the button, in case your hands are full.

© Gabe6238 / imgur  

12. A system that lets you leave a tip with your debit card

© McBloggenstein / reddit  

13. This car won’t play music until you fasten your seat belt.

© Leavemymarc / reddit  

14. This toilet paper has a small roll included that you can carry in your purse!

© BrndyAlxndr / reddit  

15. This fridge has a built-in water filter.

© DwightCharlieQuint / reddit  

16. This dentist lets you look for Waldo while he looks at your teeth…

© mtmannion / reddit  

17. This store has a "winter simulator" so you can try out your winter clothes.

© j1ggy / reddit  

18. Feel free to leave your dog in the “Pooch Parking.”

© rafaturtle / reddit  

19. This dressing room lets you pick the type of lighting!

© ellesapple / reddit  

20. This hotel provides a special towel for removing make-up!

© DasAdam / reddit  

21. A vending machine... for dog treats!

© homeskilet92 / reddit  

22. This telephone booth has been transformed into a defibrillator station!

© alphabetts / reddit  

23. This bar has lockers where you can charge your phone…

© jellyfish007 / reddit  

24. A lifting system so you don’t have to put your hand in the can!

© bakaken / reddit  

25. For when they can’t hold it…

© twotea / reddit