25 inventive people who put their problem-solving skills to the test

When it comes to repairs, we don't need a college degree in order to deal with life's little problems - most broken objects can be fixed, even if it's only on a temporary basis and we're often surprised at how well our ideas work.

Here are 25 people who put their problem-solving skills to the test, often with hilarious consequences.

1. Replace a broken foosball player with a clothes peg!

2. Who says you need four car jacks when a gas bottle will do?

3. When there's no soap left in the dispenser

4. How to turn a truck into a car

5. Broken car window? Tape it up and then promote your business!

6. Repair a broken sunroof with cardboard and cling film

7. Sew your motorbike back together!

8. Never throw palettes away - you may need them one day!

9. Imagine using this as an alarm clock to wake up your roommates!

10. When you can't find your corkscrew

11. Simple solution if your swimming pool ladder breaks

12. Not everyone can afford to buy a trailer...

13. Mail box broken?  Just pop it on a chair!


14. A trash can liner and a bit of parcel tape is perfect for a quick window repair job!

15. When you don't have a barbecue but fancy a grill

16. When your printer's broken but the office copier's working just fine!

17. Repair a broken branch with tape... Lots of tape!

18. Now that's what we call a toilet seat!

19. When your car radio breaks

20. We particularly like the moustache pattern!

21. Just because your flip-flop's broken, it doesn't mean you should throw it away!

22. Why spend money on a parasol when an umbrella will do?!

23. Dangerous, but at least it seems to be pretty stable...

24. Turn a table fan into a ceiling fan

25. Use spotlights to replace broken headlights!