25 photos of near-perfection that are a sheer pleasure to admire

Many of us search or aim for perfection. And what better way to symbolize it than a circle or a sphere? A circle has no flaws. It's faultless and just goes round and round... Think of spheres - no sharp edges, symmetrical, and a beautifully smooth surface. This regularity is calming and soothing - something that many of us need in this frenzied day and age!

But we can also create our own beauty; the way we present food, decorate our homes, organize displays at work, or even by snapping an extraordinary sight at just the right moment. So, in honor of all things perfect, here's a selection of Zen-inducing photos that are a sheer pleasure to admire.

1. Just one astonishing cake made by this famous chef

© kseniapenkina / reddit  

2. Perfectly-presented Pringles

© edjfhsywe / reddit  

3. When a bridge creates a crescent moon

© jkm77 / reddit  

4. This candy store understands the importance of mouthwatering displays

© OdysseyOverland4x4 / reddit  

5. Fits like a glove

© unknown / imgur  

6. When melting snow looks like a bed sheet

© unknown / reddit 

7. A cake with a hidden surprise

© unknown / imgur  

8. Mesmerizing floor tiling

© colbranflakes / imgur  

9. Imagine taking your exams in this hall

© unknown / imgur  

10. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is CGI

© crazycatlady14 / imgur  

11. A pebble worth keeping

© Gulo_gulo_1 / reddit  

12. Who doesn't love roasted marshmallows?

© Petaaa / reddit  

13. When a perfectionist lays out candy

© cellardoordxd / reddit  

14. An optical effect created by a slice of lemon

© sanderpewz / reddit  

15. When a fruit cut in half looks like a cross-section of a planet

© Isai76 / reddit  

16. An engagement ring that fits right inside the wedding ring

© /jvcscasio / reddit  

17. An electrician who loves perfection

© mocosoft / imgur  

18. Imagine the time and patience it took to build this

© unbelievablejustletmein / imgur 

19. A rainbow of drinks

© jabulaniamerica / reddit  

20. Almost too pretty to eat

© ImAPotatoBoss / reddit 

21. A rare occurance!

© CopingHexanisms / imgur  

22. Yes, it can happen!

© faithrachelle_86 / reddit 

23. An expert display

© EliteShred / reddit 

24. When a view could be a painting

© Garretsonnn / reddit  

25. Do not move a muscle!

© online_potato / reddit