25 situations that would make great conversation-starters

We all have experiences that we try to forget... The problem is they often stay engraved in our memory and may even be caught on camera! The positive side? They make great conversation-starters as we recall that moment when we wanted to crawl into a hole and never come back out.

So, if you're currently cringing with shame, rest assured you're not alone... At least your experience didn't do a social network tour!

1. Upon returning from your business trip

2. Dogs just don't care

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3. When you invite your new partner's parents over for dinner for the first time

4. We hope it's not a long-haul flight

5. We wonder who won...

6. When an owner and their dogs are feeling lazy

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7. One way to upcycle a bidet

8. Don't you just love cats?

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9. Just asking for directions

10. We so hope this wasn't deliberate...

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11. When they don't follow instructions

12. He never realized he was a model (or criminal)


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13. First and last time they tried to grow maize

14. An enthusiastic bride

15. Shopping is so tiring

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16. Taking a selfie does require some preparation

17. So near and yet so far

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18. It could still be saved!

19. He'll never forget the day he did this!

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20. We sure hope so

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21. Broken phone = total meltdown

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22. Nope, no idea what's behind this…

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23. Eew... Imagine the drips!

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24. The reason why they slept in the corridor

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25. Lacoste doesn't just produce clothes...

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