25 super-cool life hacks that are really easy to do!

Some people are born with problem-solving brains that continually come up with solutions to all of our niggly problems!  Whether saving time or space, these ideas are a great resource for those of us who don't have such inventive minds.

Here are 25 super-cool life hacks that are both easy and quick to do

1. Turn your remotes into an all-in-one gadget

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2. Let your dog enjoy his bath by smearing gravy, raw beef or peanut butter on the wall!

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3. Stop wrapping paper from unrolling in closets and drawers by securing them with toilet paper rolls

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4. To stop your pc from going into standby mode, place your mouse on a watch. The mechanism's movements will it going!

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5. Lack worktop space in your kitchen? Put a chopping board on an open drawer to gain extra space!

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6. Hang spaghetti-strap or vest tops on one hanger by using shower curtain loops

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7. Don't have a funnel to hand?  Use a pointed object (piece of wood, screwdriver, skewer...) to control the flow of a liquid!

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8. This may look weird, but they make really good bumpers!

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9. Cut open tubes to get out every last drop of cream, toothpaste etc.

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10. Whenever you take something with screws apart, stick the screws in a piece of cardboard and note where each one is supposed to go!

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11. Use rubber gloves (or a piece of) to wipe animal fur off furniture

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12. AirPod cases make great smartphone supports!

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13. A hilarious way to keep the streets cigarette butt-free!

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14. Moving house?  Don't waste time folding up hanging clothes - just wrap them in trash can liners!

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15. Use a piece of raw spaghetti to light candles in tall holders or jars!

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16. Always finding ants in your pets' bowls?  Stand the bowls in water - ants won't be able to cross the makeshift moat!

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17. Don't throw away old smartphones - turn them into alarm clocks!

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18. Gain storage space in your kitchen by attaching magnets to plastic bags or cardboard boxes etc. and then attach them to your fridge!

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19. Wrap rubber bands around bottles of frozen drinks so your fingers don't get frost-bite

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20. An awesome tip if you don't have much space to dry your washing!

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21. Use cardboard or colored Plexiglass to hide unsightly electrical wires

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22. Do you spend ages trying to plug in your USB cables? Use a felt tip pen to guide you!

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23. And you thought LEGO toys were only for kids!

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24. Use Velcro to keep sockets firmly in place!

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25. No air conditioning at home? Open up a duvet cover and place a fan in front for a cool, comfortable heatwave solution!

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What about you?  Any useful life hacks that you'd like to share?  Just leave your comments and tips below!