25 unexpected people seen on public transportation

Taking public transportation means being a member of urban life. But even if you’re used to it, you always encounter some unique people there. Because, most of the time, some strange characters use subways and buses...

Therefore, public transportation is the best way to see human craziness at its finest. Seeing it and taking pictures – like the people below did. It’s proof that the subway, the bus, or the train is where everything bizarre happens.

1. “Batman, I am your father!”

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2. When you encounter someone who didn’t get enough sleep the night before...

© Moomasterq/reddit

3. When you’re running late and still have to get dinner ready...

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4. When you mistake the subway for a parking space…

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5. Two passengers who are a little strange...

© Taylor Herring/flickr  

6. You remember Cousin Itt, don’t you?

© hopohopo/imgur 

7. It’s hard to say what this is…

© Daerus/pikabu  

8. He must have a very important appointment.

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9. Jack Sparrow is taking his treasure...

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10. A metaphor for today's world, always connected to a device…

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12. “Why yes, I was in Toy Story. Do you recognize me?”

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13. The new protectors of the subway!

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14. In Russia, sometimes you see this...

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15. “Aren’t we allowed to eat in the subway?”

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16. I’d like you to meet my pet!

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17. When you want to stay in your bubble after a long day…

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18. Even cavemen are up to date.

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19. Be careful when you see him on board.

© u0et/imgur  

20. We get that there will be costumes on the train, but still...

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21. Next stop, the 1980s!

© Megalan/imgur  

22. He’s usually wiped out after his day, and it shows.

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23. Weirdest mask ever...

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24. “Yeah, I know it. I’m beautiful!”

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25. Don’t annoy him, or he’ll swallow you too!

© hopohopo/imgur