26 adorable photos of animals that have mastered the art of hide and seek!

If you think you're a hide and seek expert then read on... Animals have a lot to teach us when it comes to blending into the background.  Whether they're a cuddly pet or a savage beast, the way they make themselves invisible never ceases to amaze!

Here are 26 adorable photos of animals seamlessly blending into their surroundings!

1. Which one's the real dog?

© akarikamigishi / imgur  

2. Spot the cat!

3. A very fluffy rug...

4. Just an owl taking a nap

5. A perfectly disguised seahorse

6. Can you see a spider?

7. There's a caterpillar lurking on this leaf!

8. "Anyone seen my dog?"

9. Hiding among a coral reef

10. There's something on the seabed

11. A dog that blends in with fall leaves

12. Camouflaged cats!

13. Now you know why it's hard to photograph owls!

14. Ever wondered why they're called stick insects?

15. Apparently there's a gecko in this shot

16. White on white!

17. Be careful where you step!

© letsgomets / reddit  

18. Cats, the masters of hide and seek

19. Just in case you don't believe us!

20. And yes, they do it anywhere, anytime...

21. Even when they're roaming the African bush!

22. When a dog basket perfectly matches a dog!

© capnfancypants / imgur  

23. No it's not a fungus - it's a stretched out spider!

© Eine_Bier_Getrunken / reddit  

24. One reason to always have a walking stick in hand 

25. Soaking up the sun!

26. "Because I have Egyptian roots..."

© dobwmowgz18 / reddit  

Any pet owners out there who've had a hard time finding their hidden furry friend?  Share your photos with us below!