26 crazy situations captured on camera

We've all had days when things haven't gone to plan, often through no fault of our own. Public transport strikes, spilling our coffee on our clothes, our car refusing to start, an argument with our boss and so forth...

Here are 26 people who were caught on camera just as things began to 'go belly up', but at least some managed to see the funny side of their misfortune!

1. "My 3 year-old daughter fell through this hole today.  It was such a crazy thing to happen that I just had to take a photo!" 

© G-Honda / Reddit  

2. Great paint job, but how does he expect to finish the last patch and get down from the roof without ruining his hard work?

© zorbix / Reddit  

3. This happened just as she was trying to take a selfie in this shopping mall!

© Dimassamid / Imgur  

4. This guy's unaware that he's seconds away from being hit by a surfer

© td_00 / Reddit  

5. Using a stand-up desk is great for our posture, but make sure you use sturdy supports!

© bazzingadoto / Reddit  

6. "I heard my cat meowing loudly in the garden and when I went outside this is where I found him!"

© Actually_an_otter / Reddit  

7. We reckon this is the first and last time he tries 'faucet walking'

© ChickensAreDecentPeople / Imgur  

8. This guy decided to shave off his beard but found the end result too 'womanly'!

© darkzero901 / Imgur  

9. When you lose a game of Giant Jenga… and probably several teeth too!

© WhereLibertyisNot / Reddit  

10. "My friend started to tell me that he was the master of chair balancing, but didn't manage to finish his sentence!"

© Unknown author / Imgur  

11. "This goat hates being indoors and my girlfriend hates being locked indoors with a goat... Welcome to carnage!"

© Unknown author / Imgur  

12. This guy bent down to tie his shoelace in front of the Eiffel Tower... His girlfriend thought he was about to propose!

© rideon / Imgur  

13. Don't assume that four-leaf clovers are guaranteed to bring you good luck!

© unknown author / Imgur  

14. At least curiosity didn't kill this cat!

© superchall / Imgur  

15. "I wanted to show my cat that water's not scary... I quickly regretted my decision!"

© gizzoojr / Reddit  

16. This is what happens when you park in a space designed for coaches...

© NerdyNae / Reddit  

17. When you open your eyes and check your messages before your fingers and hands have fully woken up!

© Optus / Twitter  

18. Never put a hot plate or dish on a glass table that's designed for decorative purposes!

© GryffindorGhostNick / Reddit  

19. "I posted a photo of my dinner on Instagram and my friend posted this snap... Guess which one got the most likes!"

© Spiculus / Reddit  

20. When you help a kid onto a jet ski...

© StarVulpes / Reddit  

21. Life is about trial and error, as this kid quickly found out!  

© Biotrek / Reddit  

22. "Proof that I am the master of bubble blowing..."

© Scaulbylausis / Reddit  

23. When an unexpected bitter taste makes you drop the bottle

© XyloPiano / Reddit  

24. When you're determined to eat your Cheerios in front of your PC

© MightySuperNoodle / Reddit  

25. She'll know better next time!

© Spar34 / Reddit  

26. The day Elsa was arrested

© Salakas Photography/facebook  

This happened in Hanahan in South Carolina. An actress dressed as Elsa from Frozen was arrested as she was accused of freezing the town hall's fountain.

The cops issued an arrest warrant for Elsa, although they did admit that the weather was particularly cold. That said they claimed that after she froze it, the ice melted meaning they had no proof that Elsa had done anything wrong!

Fortunately the actress was released without being charged, largely thanks to her agent's intervention!

Have you even found yourself or seen someone else in a totally crazy situation?  Share your stories and snaps with us below!