26 incredible photos that were taken completely by accident

Not all of us are talented photographers, but with the arrival of smartphones most of us are happy to snap away and share our creations on our social networks! Even better is when we take a mundane or accidental shot only for it to turn out to be totally awesome!

Here are 26 amazing photos that were either taken by accident or by someone who knows nothing about photography!  And we promise none have been retouched!  What about you?  Ever snapped something only to be blown away by how your photo turned out?  Share your shots and comments with us below!

1. This person had their cell phone camera in portrait mode, meaning the glass disappeared into the background.

© BoboDupla / reddit  

2. When you photograph your kitty and its reflection perfectly frames your daughter's face!

© MynameisCarly / imgur  

3. When your zoom creates an alien landscape

© unknown author / imgur  

4. Using the flash split this shot in to two color tones

© ofcorse / reddit  

5. When a single drop of water on your lens creates an awesome effect

© unknown author / imgur  

6. Don't panic, it's just a panoramic shot gone wrong!

© Twin_Keel / reddit  

7. When your kid quickly blinks

© bmullerone / reddit  

8. Another amazing flash effect

© dartnellephants / imgur  

9.  When you try the panoramic setting for the first time

© iProcione / pikabu  

10. This was supposed to be a photo of an eclipse, but a bird flew across the shot.  The way the sunlight highlights its wings is stunning!

© Andthenabird / reddit  

11. When your shutter speed's faster than a lighter!

© DylanPMYT / reddit  

12. A panoramic shot that looks like an approaching tsunami

© Dante005 / pikabu  

13. When day and night appear in the same photo!

© hungteoh123 / reddit  

14. This cat looks like a spirit watching over its canine pal!

© xMethyy / reddit  

15. The reason why you shouldn't use panoramic mode to take portrait shots!

© StalkerToXa / pikabu  

16. Do you believe in ghosts?

© unknown author / imgur  

17. When the camera topples over, but still leaves you with a cool family photo!

© unknown author / imgur  

18. When the panoramic setting dissects your boyfriend...

© RedAce / pikabu  

19. A photo of a watch that reflects the sunlight filtering through the trees

© unknown author / imgur  

20. When a shadow makes you wonder if there's someone else in the shot!

© Hobojimmeh / reddit  

21. This was taken with a round filter and the person's finger accidentally covered part of the lens, turning a frozen landscape into a planet!

© Audiss / imgur  

22. A radioactive spider or just the flash?

© sidhuharry / imgur  

23. When your smartphone accidentally takes a really smart photo!

© subzeroqueen / imgur  

24. A firework display!

© Toberhaag / imgur  

25. When you can't figure out your cell phone, but still end up taking a mind-blowing photo!

© unknown author / imgur  

26. Fairy dust from a faucet!

© madding247 / reddit