28 family members who decided to liven things up a little!

Family life's a mixed bag of events... Warmth, comfort, arguments, sibling rivalry and amazing ROTFL moments! Things can get even crazier if there's a prankster in the family who decides to add a bit of extra flair to the household!

Here are 28 family members who decided to liven things up on the domestic front!

1. This year a family decided to let the 30 year-old eldest son decorate their Thanksgiving table

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2. This dad has a hard and fast house rule - none of his daughters can go out if they show more than 15 inches of leg!

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3. This girl asked her mom to make her a bookmark and this is what she received - yes, it's her mom!

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4. Hilarious 'find the missing sock' solution that one mom hung above the dryer!

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5. When at aged 2 you decide to get behind the wheel only for your dad to call the cops

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6. The return of B.A. Baracus!

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7. When your brother doctors a note left by your mom...

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8.  This student gave his mom a life-size cut-out of himself so she wouldn't miss him when he went travelling abroad...  Looks like she had lots of fun!

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9. A roller coaster of a photo that one mom keeps threatening to show to her son's friends!

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10. This woman hates cats that come to pee in her garden. Her son took this photo and threatened to tell the cat's owner unless she makes him breakfast every morning!

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11. A son's first day at school...

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12. When a son visits his parents for the night and his mom makes up his bed.  Note: he's 27 years old!

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13. When your kid wants to play with water pistols not realizing how good you are at Call of Duty!

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14. This little guy cried when he met Santa, so his mom, dad and Santa all joined in!

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15. When a mom and dad re-enact their 1 year-old's photo!

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16. When your brother gives you a customized Christmas gift!

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17. This boy left Hamilton, his favorite soft toy, at his grandpa's house... It looks the bear had quite an adventurous time! 

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18. This boy loves a personal injury lawyer ad, so his mom used it for his birthday party theme!

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19. This couple couldn't agree on how to decorate their Christmas tree, so decided to do one side each!

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20. A hilarious family photo!

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21. When you're looking forward to seeing your brother!

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22. Freezing them stops brothers from getting up to mischief!

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23. When you go to a cop's wedding and this is what they serve!

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24. This guy's mum was worried about his trip to Detroit so he sent her this photo!

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25. When Flash Gordon photobombs his sister's photo

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26. Two sisters showing how nothing changes over the years!

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27. When your daughter introduces you to her prom date

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28. Nothing beats brotherly love...

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What about your family? How do or did you liven things up around the house?  Share your stories with us below!

Photo credits: iFuun.com, imgur