29 tongue-in-cheek gift ideas that could also spell the end of a friendship!

Choosing a present for someone is never easy... Firstly we have to decide what kind of gift to buy and then choose from a huge selection of options, all in the hope that the recipient will cherish the offering and not quietly sell it on EBay! Problems, however, can arise if we need to find something for someone who we really don't know that well, which is where this list will come in handy.

We've rustled up a selection of gifts that may appeal to someone you know well, but really shouldn't be top of your list if you're buying for an aquaintance.  On the other hand, if you want to end a friendship, then these may well do the trick!

Just bear in mind that when you ask someone what they'd like and they reply "I don't know" or "Whatever you want", you're already on shaky ground and are better off going down the 'chocolates or flowers' route...

1. A divorce candle - only to be offered to people who are relieved and not anyone who's gutted by the fact that their marriage ended!

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2. One for pizza and cat-loving Star Wars fans or anyone who has a really bad dress sense

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3. Unless they like marshmallows, this is one gift that'll get you removed from the recipient's Christmas Party invite list!

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4. Feel free to give this to anyone you thoroughly dislike

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5. We all love a hotel freebie...

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6. For anyone who works in the dental industry, although they'll still probably throw these in the trash!

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7. Make sure the recipient's got a great sense of humor if you don't want this poured over your head

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8. Only offer your photo duvet cover to someone who has a major crush on you and on the condition that you're planning to date them!

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9. TBH only give this to your worst enemy, but not if they're your boss!

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10. Great if you're invited to a birthday party by someone who really does have it all!

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11. For a co-worker or neighbor who always parks across your designated spot

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12. Offer frozen vegetables to a kid and you'll have a tantrum on your hands

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13. Only do this as a joke - make sure a real iPad's on its way!

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14. See above! 

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15. For any lactose intolerant friends who should really give up milk...

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16. Commenting on someone's weight is rude, so imagine the reaction that this would get!

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17. For anyone who wants a pet, but is allergic to fur?

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18. If you want to rub salt into the wound of your single female friends...

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19. One way ticket to the divorce court!

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20. All cat fans will love this - because we're sure our cats are secretly plotting to kill us!

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21. Give this to an anti-hunting friend and they'll use the antlers to stab you!

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22. Only if you're planning to murder someone!

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23. Another gift for someone you loathe

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24. If you want your husband to leave you, then go ahead and invest in this onesie!

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25. If any of your friends are on a diet, these could be useful.  Or taken as the ultimate insult!

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26. For the person who's been hinting that they want an Apple Watch 

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27. Stinky roommates?  This might encourage them to only fart outdoors!

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28. One for your mother-in-law? You could get away with it, as it's from a prestigious museum's gift shop and actually contains sunflower seeds!

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29.  Did you know that most women hate it when guys choose underwear?

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