30 fun ideas guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd!

We all like to show off our individuality be it in the way we dress, our lifestyles, our outlook on life or maybe an unusual hobby...

Here are 30 inventive people who came up with an idea that made them stand out from the crowd

1. Turn a till receipt into a trendy bracelet

© MCmevin / reddit  

2. Use LEGO pieces to replace a broken tile

© thefilthyjellybean / reddit  

3. Use a guitar as a doorbell

© icametodropbombs / reddit  

4. Create a hands-free way to follow an online recipe 

© 21geeoff21/ reddit  

5. Enjoy a soda, but keep your hands free

© MohHndawy / twitter  

6. Install an easy, cheap and effective anti-car theft system!

© WutUtalkingBoutWill / reddit  

7. Support a cracked ceiling with a single plank of wood

© yarnicorns / ingur  

8. Deliver snacks to your kid whilst he's enjoying a swim!

© carolinemundyy / twitter  

9. Breathe new life into sentimental objects that you don't want to throw away

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10. This kid didn't want anyone stealing a grape, so took a bite out of each one!

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11. Decorate your office space and make your co-workers a teeny weeny bit jealous!

© Bamfimous / reddit  

12. An awesome picnic launch for the ultimate marine dining experience!

© KillerInstinctUltra / reddit  

13. Never throw books away!

© Tulasi / pikabu  

14. Use a hairbrush to hold your playing cards

© hissyfit_inc / instagram  

15. Use a suction device to attach your cell phone to any window!

© funt007 / pikabu  

16. "My dad went away on a trip and decided to install a surveillance camera.  What he didn't count on was his clever, imaginative son!"

© KevinMieles11 / twitter  

17. Use your hard drive to make a hand-warmer to keep you cozy whilst you work!

© oragul / pikabu  

18. A genius way to while away time when you're stuck in an airport

© deathOnTheRise / pikabu  

19. Use your plumbing skills to set up the perfect fishing accessory!

© TimopheyB / pikabu  

20. Way to go! Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest!

© katierosebrook / twitter  

21. Pretend that you've just bought a cool, vintage car!

© TimPalart / pikabu  

22. Keep a kid in a pet shop amused by lending him a fake fish!

© electromagneticcandy / reddit  

23. Hilarious way to get your laundry done for free!

© bomzhkoliadun / pikabu  

24. How to keep your pet still so you can take its photo!

© EviEvakiDigg / reddit  

25. Use a marker pen to pretend you've got new tires!

© kabirov90 / pikabu  

26. Take advantage of Pokémon Go and make yourself some money!

© lsxgto / reddit  

27. Genius! How to maximize profits from a lemonade stand.

© foodbabydaddy / twitter  

28. Turn a Hawaiian shirt into a turban!

© IFeelSikh / reddit  

29. Adapt your work space so you can have a stand-up desk!

© tsaven / reddit  

30. This guy dresses up his manatee mail box according to the time of year!

© Marleyey / twitter  

Do you have any tricks that you use to stand out from the crowd? Share your comments with us below!

Photo credit: MCmevin / reddit