30 kids' coloring books hijacked by adults with hilarious results

Coloring books are great for reducing stress and improving concentration.

They help kids improve their motor skills and dexterity.

But who's to say that we can't enjoy coloring once we've grown up? Plus adding an 'adult twist' can make it even more fun! 
Here are 30 kids' coloring books that have been hijacked by adults with both scary and hilarious results.  Just make sure you hide yours from the kids!

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1. Yes, even Disney Princesses need to pee

2. Dora, the outlaw

3. Someone stole his honey...

4. When Joy turns into Cersei Lannister!

5. Someone found the hen house...

6. Sesame Street characters once the cameras stop rolling

7. Hand-free puppetry!

8. What would Ernie think?

9. Looks like Mary's got more on her mind than her shoes!

10. Ho ho ho

11. The Walking Dead...

12. Superman in pensive mode

13. Snow White's secret dungeon

14. That's one evil unicorn

15. The Peeping Tom Rabbit

16. Nooooooooo!

17. How evil can you get?

18. Maybe it served him right?

19. Love is in the air...

20. The official Saw coloring book

21. When Bambi mistook the freeway for an icy pond…

22. 21st Century Aladdin

23. Goofy's crucifixion

24. What did he ever do to her?

25. Too much information...

26. Unecessary torture

27. Go, Gadget, go!

28. This one's a bit too dark for our liking...

29. Run, Pinocchio, run!

30. IT!