31 photos that show how harsh some winters can be

We either love or hate winter. Gray days, cold weather, rain, snow, ice, nightfall at 5:00pm... Winter can certainly slow life down! On the plus side, kids can play in the snow, winter sports fans will head to the slopes and the landscapes can be stunning. So, even if you despise the colder months, there can be a positive side.

And yet, there are always those days when we yearn for the return of summer. Here are 31 photos that show daily life during a harsh winter. They're enough to make our teeth chatter! What about you, are you a fan of snowy winters? Or do you prefer lazing on a sunny beach?

1. When you wake up to this

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

2. Praying that the sunshine lasts

© nemotes / imgur  

3. Keep your distance if you're driving behind this

© Maamalam / imgur  

4. Just when you need to fill up on gas

5. Lift the wipers so you can find you car in the morning

© TakeOffYouHoser / imgur  

6. When the hydrant bursts and forms an ice rink

© aspire2dance / reddit  

7. Always remember to close your car windows

© darthrotor / imgur  

8. Anyone seen the baby?

© bodsquad / imgur  

9. This is why we mentioned windscreen wipers

© iamvegetarian / imgur  

10. Upon returning from vacation...

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

11. When snow slowly invades

© obeyzare69 / imgur  

12. Trapped mid-flight

© ArmenianLivesMatter / imgur  

13. A can of soda that passed the night outside

© mondomushroom / imgur  

14. At least they have a sense of humor!

© Ascarea / imgur  

15. After a flood

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

16. When even the cistern freezes

© Faxmaq / pikabu  

17. A creepy effect!

© DKK23 / pikabu  

18. The problem with public restrooms

© vs40 / pikabu  

19. Imagine having to tunnel your way out of your home

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

20. Ever seen what alligators do in winter?

© Shallotte River Swamp Park / facebook  

They need to breathe and this is the only way!

21. When surfers love winter waves

© mml0616 / imgur  

22. Spot the mountain

© hatorihanzzzo / pikabu  

23. He forgot his hat...

© CrAcKtHeSkY3 / imgur  

24. He only went out to fetch the mail

25. No way this car is going to start!

26. Use a stalagmite as a sword!

© TheChubbyDragon / imgur  

27. Nope, not worth freezing your butt off!

© therealchickenchaser / imgur  

28. When howling winds do this

© Vadiksun / pikabu  

29. The beauty of a frozen waterfall

© BrzS / imgur  

30. When the downpipe freezes

© Kouran / pikabu  

31. Looks like it snowed during the night

© Xingua92/reddit