34 of the worst food and cooking fails in culinary history

Cooking is an art if you want your friends and family to enjoy tasty meals and snacks.  You don't have to be a Michelin star chef, but some basic knowledge is required if you want a mouthwatering rather than stomach-churning dish! Unfortunately, not all of us are natural cooks even if we follow a recipe down to the last letter.

Here are 34 people who were determined to rustle up something delicious only for it all to go horribly wrong!

1. Oreo cakes gone wrong

2. When a funky dish turns into a train wreck

3. One burnt to a crisp pepperoni pizza

4. Sometimes even the simplest of dishes end up in the trash

5. When you don't let the steam out before opening a pressure cooker

6. When your microwave turns into a bomb site

7. When you try to make a cake you saw on Instagram

8. And you're wondering why your kids won't eat any fruit?

9. Exploded coffee....

10. The scariest hedgehog birthday cake in the world

11. When you can't even deal with a dollop of whipped cream

12. Well, at least we can tell that they're eggs

13. When your pizza forms an atomic mushroom cloud

14. When fluffy grains turn into solid rock

15. Fancy some poop for dinner?

16. A skeleton cookie before and after baking

17. When your flower cookies turn into one

18. A delicious teddy bear pancake anyone?

19. When you don't check if the dish is designed to sit over a flame

20. When a rainbow cake becomes a bad trip

21. Next time order a take-out

22. When you don't pay attention to portion sizes

23. Seriously?  It's terrifying!

24. When things don't go to plan

25. When you doze off on the sofa whilst your pasta's cooking

26. At least we can make out a tail and four legs

27. Time to accept you're no good at cooking muffins

28. Good luck to the person who has to clean this oven!

29. Egg explosion!

30. This is just plain laziness!

31. Yuk... Who would want to eat this?

32. When you try to make your spaghetti in tomato sauce look classy...

33. When your desert decides to turn into a lava flow

34. The day you made your first and last batch of chocolate chip cookies