This artist shows how Disney princesses would look in 2017

Disney princesses certainly still inspire artists. We’ve already seen the work of a Brazilian artist who imagined how the princesses might have looked when they got older (a work based on aging), but a Chilean artist named Fernanda Suarez took a completely different approach. She wondered about the influence that 21st century culture might have had on these girls if they had turned 20 today.

She has redesigned our childhood heroines according to 2017 trends: uninhibited, manicured nails, bling, a casual, more sexual look, and more assertiveness. And we can imagine the rest: always ready with their cell phones, taking selfies, constantly checking social networks, and the unlikely social causes they might support. In short, this is a reflection on the status of the modern woman and how it’s developed since the time of Disney.

And if your favorite princess was left out in 2017, don’t worry, because Suarez isn’t finished. You can send her your requests through social networks. But first check out her work on the 7 princesses below, and see if you recognize yourself in one of these portraits.

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1. Mulan

2. Belle

3. Jasmine

4. Ariel

5. Pocahontas

6. Snow White

7. Cinderella