Got the blues? Then check out these 30 photos and retrieve your sunny smile!

Ever get days when you wake up and just want to stay curled up in bed?  Ever got home after The Day From Hell and can't muster up a smile? Sometimes it's the little things in life that lift our spirits - a tub of ice cream, a cuddle or, in this case, a selection of photos guaranteed to make you feel a bit better about things!

Here are 30 photos to help chase away the blues and bring a ray of sunshine to your day!

1. When you ask Bill Murray for his autograph, but neither of you can find a piece of paper!

© GallowBoob/reddit  

2. Every Christmas this guy buys loads of soft toys and then dresses up as Santa Claus so he can give them to sick children at the local hospital!

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3. Because love is two dogs having a cuddle...

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4. Cuteness overload? A cat seen from below!

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5. A hamster-style nest for hamsters!

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6. "Every week my roommate gives his kid sister a math lesson using FaceTime!"

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7. Who doesn't love munching on stringy melted cheese?

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8. Adorable, with a capital 'A'!

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9. "I took my grandma to Disneyland for her 78th birthday!"

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10. "My daughter helps out at our local animal shelter.  She feeds the puppies and gives them lots of cuddles."

© unknown author/reddit  

11. "Here are two members of my local gym. One is a math teacher and the other needs help learning math!"

© jrod5284/reddit  

12. Shon is 5 years old. This little guy dresses up as superheroes and spends his time stroking and playing with the local stray cats. He says he's a superhero for animals.

© RobertDowneyIII/reddit  

13. Not all super-cute animals are furry!

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14. "I'm a pastry food critic and was given a 'Zelda' cake today for my 32nd birthday!  It's the best and most beautiful cake in the world!"

© Lady_of_H/reddit  

15. These two are inseparable - they even wear the same disguises for Halloween!

© Sayonarahonto/reddit  

16. Oh look - a tiny baby rabbit!

© Rathmar/reddit  

17. Faith in humanity restored!

© SavageColdness/reddit  

18. Who couldn't resist this gorgeous trio?

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19. "My neighbor's puppy went missing and after searching for an hour outdoors, his daughter went back to her bedroom in tears, thinking she'd lost him forever... Guess where he was all the time?"

© emilythop/reddit  

20. Tickly toes!

© GallowBoob/reddit  

21. The first baby Tenkile this zoo's seen in 36 years! Tenkiles are endangered tree kangaroos and this looks like one proud mama!

© JBlackie666/imgur  

22. This beauty salon offers free manicure and hairstyling classes to dads so they can do their daughters' nails and hair!

© MashedPotatoh/reddit  

23. Just a kitten riding a unicorn...

© BookerDeWittsCarbine/reddit  

24. Staff at a zoo in Oregon (USA) let this baby elephant have a wander so he could meet the other animals.  The way he and the otters reacted to each other was priceless!

© sviridovt/reddit  

25. "My daughter asked me to look after her kitten today, so I sent her a selfie to reassure her that he was fine!"

© MacSteele13/reddit  

26. When a puppy discovers a baby car seat!

© LucyBelle/imgur  

27. This duck and her ducklings found themselves trapped in a supermarket.  The staff managed to free them all!

© lululiuluka/imgur  

28. When a dog sees his favorite donut...

© hartnauc/reddit  

29. This lady stopped the traffic so a duck and her ducklings could safely cross the road!

© CAM0887/reddit  

30. How to stop your cat from sneaking upstairs to your bedroom!

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