This man found an excellent way to make sure his son brushed his teeth

We don't know about you, but we had better things to do as kids than brushing our teeth! Plus evening teeth-brushing always meant bedtime was approaching... The only upside was when we lost a tooth, which meant the Tooth Fairy would leave some money under our pillows!

Londoner Henry Warren found the perfect way to get his kid to religiously brush his teeth.  Why the need to go so far?  Well, 8 year-old Sam hates brushing his teeth, so his clever dad waited until he lost his first milk tooth.  Sam, as with all kids, carefully placed it under his pillow in the hope that the Tooth Fairy would pass by during the night.  The next morning Sam found more than money.  He also found a letter from Barry, who turned out to be the Tooth Fairy himself. Suffice to say that Barry wasn't happy with Sam's lack of dental hygiene and decided to lay down the law!

Proud of the effect that this sneaky plan had on his son, Henry Warren shared 'Barry's ' letter on Twitter to rounds of virtual applause from other despairing parents! Something tells us that Barry's going to be writing a LOT of letters in the future...

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Meet Sam Warren, an 8 year-old boy who lost a milk tooth and put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy...

But he certainly got a surprise when the next morning he found a letter from Barry, the Tooth Fairy himself... 


After his dad posted the letter on Twitter it went viral, with thousands of frustrated parents rushing to follow suit!






Henry went one step further by tagging well-known toothpaste brands!

And even received a reply from Colgate! 






What about you?  Ready to ask Barry to take things in hand?