Top 18 fails that you’ve never noticed in the movie Titanic

Some scenes from the movie Titanic have a few inconsistencies. Some internet users have found nearly 200 of them. If you haven’t seen them, it’s probably because you were too busy crying over the tragic story of the Titanic and its story of love.

1. The actors were pulled by wires.

2. Express hairstyling

3. A piece of the dress has disappeared.

4. The set light is visible.

5. The pillow magically appears.

6. The life jacket appears on its own.

7. The beauty mark changes sides.

8. Leonardo’s suspenders disappear.

9. The man changes jackets in a microsecond.

10. The emergency glass reappears.

11. Strange shadows

12. The self-erasing pencil

13. Fortunately, that's not a real ax!

14. The rails have come together like magic.

15. The cameraman’s reflection

16. The ship is made of... foam.

17. A pipe changes shape.

18. Some of the ship’s items have disappeared.