Top 18 fails you’ve never seen in The Lord of the Rings

With the movie adaptation of The Hobbit, let’s revisit the biggest fails from The Lord of the Rings. You can also check out the list of 20 amazing things you never knew about The Lord of the Rings movies.

1. The weapons against the wall change.

2. The hand disappears from Aragorn's shoulder.

3. All of Boromir's logs change in just a second.

4. The blood on Aragorn's mouth disappears.

5. The elf suddenly disappears.

6. Bodies appear out of nowhere.

7. The ring goes from the middle finger to the index finger.

8. This hobbit is gifted...

9. Gandalf changes his shoes before going inside.

10. Everything under the tent disappears.

11. Sam and Pippin are no longer there.

12. Frodo and Sam change places like magic.

13. Gimli miraculously changes his position related to the tomb.

14. Merry disappears!

15. The arrow changes place.

16. The items in the background disappear!

17. You can see the division between the real and fake leg.

18. The green stains disappear.