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Thanks to an animal shelter, a tiny sick kitten found his BFF

In late winter 2021, a Texan family found an abandoned kitten and reached out to an animal shelter. Once he was back on his little paws, the kitten's lively personality became apparent, meaning volunteers wanted to find him a friend with whom he could hang out.

Illustration : "Thanks to an animal shelter, a tiny sick kitten found his BFF"

Theodore is a young ginger tom cat who was found wandering the streets in Texas (USA). The family who found him immediately noticed a physical peculiarity: the kitten had a very odd nose. Realizing that he would need more specialist care, they sought help from Murphys Safe Haven animal shelter.

The shelter immediately took in the tiny kitten. They then gave him a full health check-up. As it turned out, the kitten had a cleft lip and hydrocephalus, neither of which presented a danger to him.

After a while, Theodore regained his strength and began to feel much better. He was bursting with energy!

A shelter volunteer, Audrey, told Love Meow: "He was a little shy at first but quickly came out of his shell."

Finding a furry friend

She realized that Theodore 's boundless energy meant he could do with a playmate. As she explains, "He ran around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I wanted to find him a furry friend to tire him out."

So, she began to look for a similarly aged cat to keep him company. She finally came across Tiny who was living in another animal shelter: "Tiny was a lonely kitten and had the same problem as Theodore - he had boundless energy but had no one to play with. I knew it would be the perfect match,” she continues.

And she was right! At first, the 2 young cats had to get to know each other, but they quickly became inseparable. The two mischief-makers immediately got up to all sorts of antics and now don't do anything without each other.

Tiny lso keeps an eye on Theodore: “Sometimes Tiny tries to act like a parent and take care of Theodore. He'll grab a toy and call Theodore over, so he can also play with it," says Aurore.

The two feline BFFS have now joined the same foster family, and the hope is they will never be separated!