14 design ideas that are nothing short of genius

Some inventions are nothing short of genius. Professional designers and many everyday folk are always on a quest to create objects that improve, if not transform, our day-to-day lives. Some of these revolutionize the lives of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people.

And sometimes it doesn't take much tweaking to transform a mundane item into something that pushes the boundaries of technology! Just check out the following selection...

1. This coffee comes with a suspended candyfloss that slowly melts and sweetens the drink

© mclassi / Reddit  

2. One for cat lovers!

© Wildwildworld / Pikabu  

3. Use these cool cutters to convince your kids to eat their vegetables!

© mrbaoss / Reddit  

4. An ultra-connected shower head thanks to a microelectric generator

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu  

5. This Japanese language learning book comes with a red filter to block out the answers

© m4risa / Reddit  

6. The toilets in this restroom aren't attached to the floor for a more hygenic environment

© triforcednostalgia / Reddit  

7. The perfect soap dispenser

© Guggoo / Reddit  

8. A curved door for a curved wall!

© bofadoze / Reddit  

9. An artificial fireplace "powered" by LED bulbs and steam

© mazlow / Pikabu  

10. A handy handle!

© SaekoZ2 / Reddit  

11. Sneakers made from recycled chewing gum

© Gumshoe Amsterdam / Facebook  

12. We love this aquarium bar!

© random_guy5757 / Redit  

13. An automatic hammer!

© Matroshka / Pikabu 

14. A "cat house" for kids!

© Tomi Ungerer / Atlas Obscura