15 designs that are worth their weight in gold

Some designers are blessed with a jaw-dropping creative genius, and the following selection is nothing short of awesome!

Many designers just "get the job done", while others tune into the brief and produce designs that are not only practical, but also clever and fun!

Here are 15 photos of designs that go that extra mile.

1. To make you smile when you go to your dentist's

© Uncomfortable-Uncle / Reddit

2. And feel calm when you arrive for your yoga class

© Prological77 / Reddit

3. An optician who knows how to market their trade

© sadshuichi / Reddit

4. Soothing origami lamp

© cyberentomology / Reddit

5. A cell phone tower that blends into its surrounding

© conyacon / Reddit

6. Relief lettering so you actually read its shadow

© ***Stuert / Reddit

7. A chiropractor explaining why you should book an appointment

© Osama_Al_Habibi / Reddit

8. An oldie, but a goodie!

© JustA_Toaster / Reddit

9. To park your bike at the dentist's

© TheJuliettest / Reddit

10. DIY fans will love this!

© Willow116704 / Reddit

11. Because we love grabbing them straight from the packet

© SAT0725 / Reddit

12. A watch designed as a bracelet

© PlopCopTopPopMopStop / Reddit

13. A flying beluga whale

© djazzie / Reddit

14. Every pizza place needs these

© iiTaurusii / Reddit

15. Pac-Man air vents in a subway

© Oluge2009 / Reddit