15 photos of times people were lazy at doing their jobs

Sometimes we just have to laugh at people who don't feel like doing their job because they’re lazy. That’s just what you’ll see in these photos.

Some days, employees in different fields of work are not in the mood to do what is asked of them. The result is work that is lazy. This doesn’t make employers happy, but it gives the rest of us a good laugh.

Here are 15 photos where some people's laziness makes us all laugh.

1. Sometimes it’s just too much work to dress a mannequin.

© EkkoWan / Reddit

2. A paint job that isn’t up to par

© extraSauce88 / Reddit

3. That’s good enough…

© JeIIokitty / Reddit

4. A security tag has never been so secure…

© Polymer15 / Reddit

5. He had one job – to paint the yellow stripe on the street.

© AlanT43 / Reddit

6. Some events just aren’t inspiring to journalists who have nothing to say.

© Dudeface34 / Reddit

7. The clock stopped working, so it needed to be replaced.  

© onebit / Reddit

8. The painters painted the house (as well as the coins inside it).

© LicenseTo**** / Reddit

9. A package that was delivered securely

© GuyInSugarLand / Reddit

10. This railing has been put up correctly…

© theshrike / Reddit

11. He had a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

© Prowizardnet / Reddit

12. The perfect place to install a projector

© Hussein_talal / Reddit

13. This frame was repaired very discreetly.

© flameboy50001 / Reddit

14. Why clean the air ducts when you can just get an air freshener?

© YouD***InInfinityWar / Reddit

15. Some artists really think outside the box.

© JackieSmazz / Reddit