15 tattoos with a very special meaning

Some people get inked simply for the fun of it, while others are after something symbolic. Here's a particularly touching selection!

Getting a tattoo requires some serious thought, as unless you fancy getting it lasered off, you'll wear the image for life. Which is why so many people choose a tattoo that has a meaning.

Here are 15 photos of highly personal tattoos.

1. A childhood toy to represent the kid she once was

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2. For her dear, departed father

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3. This represents 3 generations: herself, her mom and her grandma

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4. Carry your pet's paw print with you at all times

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5. In memory of his younger brother, who passed away before his time

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6. The position of the planets on their wedding day

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7. This guy's an electrician!

8. The rose her dad had on his arm

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9. A childhood memory

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10. Her father was reading this book when he died. He'd reached page 128.

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11. Inspired by Game of Thrones after he survived a terrible accident

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12. In memory of their beloved cat

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13. This represents a trip from Australia to Ireland

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14. Reassuring words from his mom for his first tattoo

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15. This took months to complete!

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