16 designs that are well-made, but leave a lot to be desired

Some designs may be weird but are nonetheless well-executed, just check out the following awesome-meets-strange selection!

Designers are often known for their sense of humor. They create various objects for everyday use but with appearances that take things to a whole new level. Whether they're off-beat or downright eccentric, they're still "well-made" and usable.

Here are 17 photos of designs that may do their job, but still leave something to be desired!

1. A very portly stool

© PermianExtinction / reddit

2. Patrick shows off his latest look

© fulcrims / imgur

3. Would you dare?

© WeirdPelicanGuy / reddit

4. Entirely made from Yeezy scraps

© g_nome7 / reddit

5. Creepy or cool?

© Preparation_HB*** / reddit

6. Looks pretty comfy...

© Legithmus / reddit

7. Perfect speaker for cat-lovers

© WackyWeiner / reddit

8. Maybe it actually has a massaging effect

© Beelazyy / reddit

9. Even less comfy than a cactus chair

© jtal888 / reddit

10. Turn delivery boxes into art

© punkandbrewster / reddit

11. How to stand out wherever you go

© pumpkinbot / reddit

12. And the meaning behind the hot dog is...?

© Lysergsaurdiatylamid / reddit

13. Great idea for an osteopath's office

© simcgin / reddit

14. Look away if you're easily freaked out

© softlemon / reddit

15. We hope that price isn't in US dollars

© RosarioPawson / reddit

16. How do you wash a car like this? Or do you just vacuum it?

© SleepingBeastie / reddit