16 people who snapped and shared a wonderful memory

All of us love to keep a record of our sweetest memories, and the following is a particularly moving selection.

By taking a photo we can immortalize memories to reminisce over later in life or to pass down to the next generation. We can keep these precious experiences alive and share these emotional moments with our friends and family.

Here are 16 touching photos that may bring a tear to your eye!

1. A year after tying the knot, they finally had their big ceremony

© letouxftw / Reddit

2. He took this photo of his best friend the moment he met his baby boy

© ageller13 / Reddit

3. The joy of visiting a beach for the first time

© RegressToMean / Reddit

4. He saved up his pocket money to buy this for his baby brother

© SnooCheesecakes7292 / Reddit

5. When a married couple graduates from med school at the same time

© Neuromancy_ / Reddit

6. Their granddaughter wanted to hold everyone's hand at the end of "Frozen 2"

© just45un / Reddit

7. After 6 years of being a stay-at-home dad, he finally started college - on the day his son started school!

© ThaCrimsonChinn / Reddit

8. A sweet gift for his fiancé

© FutureGhost81 / Reddit

9. Having suffered a series of miscarriages, she finally reached her 3rd trimester

© QueeniTika / Reddit

10. True love!

© chumIord / Reddit

11. He asked for a ray for his birthday, so social network users sent these!

© WildfireSmile / Reddit

12. Emma Raducanu sees her first billboard ad

© emmaraducanu / Instagram

13. Love at first sight

© Brafra / Reddit

14. A year and half after buying her first bike, she finished her first triathlon

© midwestasallheck / Reddit

15. The sock thief has been immortalized... In ink!

© sbaghetticarbonara / Reddit

16. The first time she held her baby girl

© topfivethings / Reddit