17 bright ideas from people who needed a quick and easy solution

Some people get their best ideas when they're in a hurry or are feeling too lazy to do something properly.

From household chores to DIY repairs or making sure there's always a meal by deliberately buying food you love but your roommates hate... The important thing is to come up with a genius hack that also requires virtually zero effort.

Here are 17 people who came up with a quick and easy solution!

1. When you hide valuables in the first thing that comes to hand

© Eri_Cherrii / Reddit  

2. No need to pay for a repair

© griffinonthego / Reddit  

3. Pretend you did the washing up by using a photo

© NaturesMayhem / Reddit  

4. For when you only have a wall socket

© GeneReddit123 / Reddit  

5. The best tip a store could ever give!

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6. Just make sure you buy a good quality tape

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7. Sometimes the simplest things work best

© Parisauce / Reddit  

8. Trick your kid into taking their medication

© tht1d00d / Reddit  

9. Plus it looks pretty

© NugBug420 / Reddit  

10. Need more shelving?

© Isaiahayah / Reddit  

11. When you forget to buy a new toaster

© TheDemonHobo / Reddit  

12. Homemade meat tenderizer

© QueenAnneBoleynTudor / Reddit  

13. For a lazy shave

© wickedlobstah / Reddit  

14. Laptop overheating?

© lol_80005 / Reddit  

15. Cat owners will understand

© PugLover5533 /Reddit  

16. Why repair it when a knife will do?

© TaylorTano / Reddit  

17. Because privacy is important

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