17 inventions designed to make everyday life easier

Most of us have had a lightbulb moment when our brains suddenly come up with an awesome invention. We'll ask ourselves why no one beat us to it!

The problem is that these ideas are often unfeasible, but some do make the grade! Just check out these 20 inventions - you'll understand why these people deserve their genius status.

1. Keep your floors clean with this automatic shoe protector dispenser

© Dr. Mayer  

2. So you can breathe through your mouth and your nose

© H2O Ninja  

3. A shower curtain with waterproof pockets for your phone and tablet

© SCREENHOLDER / amazon  

4. A subway train library

© YamhillScrub / reddit  

5. Check out this space-saving round radiator!

© IsDinosaur / reddit  

6. A levitating glass

© beanyburger / reddit  

7. Bar codes so you can scan and order a supply

© Usaidhello / reddit  

8. In this hotel in Odessa, Ukraine, the elevator has a carpet that reminds you what day it is

© SpartanKing76 / reddit  

9. A rocking bed!

© Joe Manus / manusindustries  

10. To keep things orderly

© wildquaker / reddit  

11. Awesome and cute egg-inspired furnishing

© Rubfox / imgur  

12. So your ceiling is covered with star formations

© Anna Farkas / starrylightlamps  

13. An intelligent glass that recognizes its contents

© Damjan Stankovic / behance  

14. A radiator with patterns that change according to the temperature

© jean-Marie Massaud / massaud  

15. One for tea-lovers!

© Tea Bag Buddy / amazon  

16. So you don't trip over it during the night

© STATIC / inhabitat  

17. We love this hedgehog idea!

© MoMA / amazon