18 examples of reworked objects that outclass the original design

Revamping or reworking well-known basic designs can sometimes be a stroke of genius. Just check out the selection we've put together.

Everyday objects and classic designs can often benefit from a bit of modernization. Some changes may be total fails, but others deserve a round of applause!

Here are 20 photos of reworked objects that make the grade.

1. A plant pot that also makes sure you'll never lose your glasses

© greengun/reddit

2. For anyone who need to relieve themselves during a car journey

© OMGLMAOW**_com/reddit

3. Waste not, want not

© yo_lili/reddit

4. When an artist is given free rein

© barzuk27/reddit

5. Perfect for rainy days

© kazz9201/reddit

6. Great ad!

© Adelaiddev/reddit

7. So you can phone someone or listen to the radio

© dadilydoo/reddit

8. When you find exactly the same spot

© dsiegel2275/reddit

9. From dead tree to cat tree

© Sweeetcaaat/reddit

10. Inspired by Easter Island?

© fegm22/reddit

11. Upcycled tires make excellent Buddha's

© Adequatte/imgur

12. No more stained towels!

© ps**hasinp**chic37/reddit

13. A cool drink container

© Captured_M6A1/reddit

14. So you can draw lines in hard-to-reach places

© Nosmurfz/reddit

15. This restaurant restroom has mouthwash

© stu**d_panda/reddit

16. Inspired marketing!

© yusefudattebayo/reddit

17. So you can see how much your delivery has been tilted

© neuronaddict/reddit

18. Always cook just the right amount of pasta

© LorenzoCol/reddit