18 lazy people who deserve a medal for their ideas

Laziness is an art, and people across the world are always on the hunt for an easy way out! However, some guys take it to a whole new level with inventive hacks and shortcuts so that their daily lives require virtually zero effort!

They even find solutions to tasks that are already easy and not time-consuming, just so long as it serves one purpose - to limit the effort required! From funny to genius, here's a selection of lazy people who deserve a medal for their ideas. What's your verdict?

1. Just so long as they can see the road ahead

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2. The Trash Tower

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3. All that's missing is a TV

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4. When you don't have a hands-free phone

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5. Buying a Christmas tree is one thing, putting it up is another!

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6. Refusing to leave their bed

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7. Cats are particularly useful pets

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8. All in one go!

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9. To avoid a trip to the bathroom closet?

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10. Useful if someone's had too many beers!

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11. Bedside meal?

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12. How to avoid washing up

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13. Serously, six yogurt drinks in one go?

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14. It doesn't look comfy, but is seems to work!

15. How to clean a toilet in a flash

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16. Keeping an eye on their pasta!

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17. Setting up a high chair is too complicated

18. Ice cube trays have multiple uses

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