18 people who bring meaning to "having a bad day"

Bad days happen to us all, so we totally sympathise with the following people!

We've all woken up on the "wrong side of the bed", and had to deal with a nasty surprise or a day from Hell. Whether it's our own fault or a stroke of bad luck, all we can do is try to make the best of a bad situation.

Here are 18 photos that illustrate the kind of days we all prefer to forget.

1. They were a long way from home and the bike frame was really heavy

© Slyvan25 / reddit

2. The handle broke AND they'd left the motor running

© Lovesliesb***g / reddit

3. So many panes it looked like a waterfall

© skeetac / reddit

4. When you find this

© xSummerxNightsx / reddit

5. It fell off, just like that!

© Danfu_92 / reddit

6. That time your dog spotted the cake

© gwarfunkle / reddit

7. This happened at the start of a long-haul flight

© Theobromas / reddit

8. She hates being left alone

© Aubu / reddit

9. The culprit was her husband

© bunkerbash / reddit

10. Enjoy your meal!

© SoDoesNotMatter / reddit

11. Breaking into a car to steal candy...

© ZeldaPinkPup / reddit

12. When your roommate invests in a new desk - and destroys the old one

© thethinkernut / reddit

13. Eew, even worse than sticking it under a table

© rbarlate / reddit

14. A tuna-free tuna sandwich

© Twitch_seagull99 / reddit

15. Bye bye AirPods

© getthisoutofmyhouse / reddit

16. They were so looking forward to some ice cream

© benznhoj / reddit

17. A professional kitchen nightmare

© BroThisJose / reddit

18. The problem with home delivery pizza

© dontcarebearr / reddit