18 photos of pranks played by brothers and sisters

From unerring loyalty to sibling rivalry, relationships between brothers and sisters are like no other. These photos illustrate them perfectly.

When we have a little brother or sister, there will be moments when our life purpose is to put them through hell! Incessant pranks that make us laugh, but which are also a sign of love.

Here are 18 photos that embody the "love" between brothers and sisters!

1. The benefits of giant Lego

© chopthebass/ Reddit

2. One day it will be her turn

© KattegoryPhotography/ Imgur

3. She's just been told her little brother isn't a little sister

© jizzmae / reddit

4. He deliberately told her to move to the left...

© elliotderp/ Reddit

5. At his sister's wedding

© LukaCat/ Reddit

6. An oldie, but a goodie

© rockweiler/ Reddit

7. Guess the gift

© Trees_and_bees_plees/ Reddit

8. He told his brother he's lost the key

© El_Garu_/ Reddit

9. A helping push...

© RealTiee/ Reddit

10. Another 'lost key' scenario

© ChimerathonPsy***/ Reddit

11. Individually wrapped!

© thatrommelswag/ Reddit

12. He's going to be in so much trouble

© andyoung29/ Reddit

13. Laughter and terror!

© Bokbreath/ Reddit

14. His mom told him the baby couldn't be returned to the store...

© inebriatedchow/ Reddit

15. His sister still hasn't noticed!!!

© jalapeno_face/ Reddit

16. So his siblings get freaked out every time they take a shower

© kingcomer/ Reddit

17. Diabolical brother!

© leahkray/ Reddit

18. He mimicks all his sister's selfies

© IcemanIV/ Reddit