18 unusual sights that netizens snapped and shared

The world is full of surprises, and here's a cool selection that's doing the social network rounds!

We get so used to seeing the same thing every day, that little surprises are a great way to break the monotony. However, some days we get an extra treat with a sight that's so remarkable we just have to snap and share it!

Here are 18 photos of strange sights that livened up someone's day.

1. A Princess Leia fire hydrant

© munyamunyamu/reddit

2. A mass-gathering of ladybirds

© Noahsch19/reddit

3. Look at the size of this retro mouse

© BluezamEDH/reddit

4. Long-legged snowman

© hukeleater/reddit

5. When nature takes over

© Bcart/reddit

6. A very well-mannered squirrel

© Splooorky/reddit

7. Ever seen a square one?

© PurpleColourSplash/reddit

8. Delicate bodywork

© myspamhere/imgur

9. A garden ornament in a garden ornament

© sansonmr/reddit

10. He nodded off...

© MonkeyPic/reddit

11. When you slice a branch and its golf ball

© TheWackyProphet/reddit

12. A rogue pasta bike

© petit_juju/reddit

13. So small, so cute

© look-a-lurker/reddit

14. Unique fashion sense

© onlyonerule/reddit

15. Sad moisturiser

© jcarloooo/reddit

16. They accidentally left a toothbrush in this bottle of vinegar

© xo_Mia-Clare_xx/reddit

17. Kids get their own door

© alinac16/reddit

18. Have you ever seen such a tiny banana?

© ArnoldHarold/reddit