19 amazing cleaning hacks

Hands up if you enjoy household chores! Only kidding...

But did you know that there are tons of cleaning hacks to help you banish grime in a flash?  

Our little tip?  Just make sure you have white vinegar and baking soda in your cupboard!

Here are 19 easy as pie cleaning hacks that will save you both time and money!

1. No more scrubbing coffee and tea stains - simply wipe your cups with white vinegar

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2. Use a lint roller to clean lampshades and kiss goodbye to sticky dirt and dust

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3. Line your grill with aluminum foil so it catches any grease, meaning you don't have scrub the tray!

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4. Eyeshadow bleeding?  Just mop it up with a bit of scotch tape

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This is also works really well for removing animal hair!

5. Dirty blender?  Ditch the sponge and use soapy water

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Pour a bit of soapy water into your blender and turn it on for a few seconds.  Rinse it out and you'll find it looks as good as new. 

6.  Avoid using harsh products by mixing white vinegar with washing up liquid for a multi-purpose household cleaner!

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A real money-saver!  Plus you can vary the doses and type of washing up liquid as you please


7. Use a sponge to disinfect your microwave oven

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Put a damp sponge and a glass of white vinegar in your microwave and turn it on for 2 minutes on high power.  Kill two birds with one stone by then using the sponge to wipe down the glass door!

8. Use vinegar to clean your shower head

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Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. Tie it around your shower head (see photo) and leave it to work overnight.

9. T-bars are good for removing pet hair from furniture but did you know that rubber gloves work just as well? 

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10. Clean dirty oven dishes without having to scrub

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Put an eco-friendly cleaning wipe in the dish and fill it with water. Leave it overnight and the next day you'll be able to easily wipe off any stubborn stains.

11. Run a hot iron over a damp face cloth to remove carpet stains 

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12. Greasy stains on clothes? Just rub on some chalk or talc and leave it overnight before washing!

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13. Baking soda and essential oils to clean a mattress

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Add an essential oil to a cup of baking soda.   Sprinkle it over your mattress, gently rub it using a circular motion and leave for 20 minutes.  Vacuum up the mixture and hey presto, not a stain in sight!

14. Kitchen tongs and a duster to clean blinds

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15. Clean clothes and furnishings with vodka

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 Just mix 1/2 a teaspoon of essential oil with 1/8 cup of vodka and 3/4 cup of water. Spray the solution onto clothes and furniture to quickly remove stains!

16. Clean TV and computer screens with a coffee filter

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17. Dry clothes quicker by adding a couple of towels to your load

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18. Clean your toilet with a couple of aspirin pills

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19. Use a hairdryer to remove stickers from your car!

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