20 people who snapped and shared a nasty surprise

We all have bad days, so we can totally understand how the following people must have felt.

We may get up in the best of moods and then before we know it, it all goes downhill and we run out of luck. From ending up with sweet & sour sauce all over your belongings to finding your car crushed by a tree, here's a selection of 20 people who can safely say they had a bad day!

1. When it comes to gifts, remember it's the thought that counts

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2. His car rolled into a river... His phone was inside

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3. Exploding sauce

© DMBreezy / Reddit

4. Time to file an insurance claim

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5. The morning after a very late night

© Shaneblaster / Reddit

6. When someone attaches their bike to yours

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7. It took hours to hike up to this view

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8. Never clean up spilt paint with a broom

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9. When you park in the wrong place

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10. He found his lost phone! But in the meantime a car drove over it...

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11. First day of their dog-sitting job

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12. A month after using this, they realized the air filter hadn't been unwrapped

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13. Someone stole the steering wheel

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14. The joys of flat pack furniture on the day you have guests coming for dinner!

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15. And it cost a fortune!

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16. The downside of working shirtless, but with gloves on

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17. It was at this moment their clippers stopped working

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18. The birds left a gift

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19. She shredded an envelope and later realized it contained cash

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20. Just as they were leaving for work

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