20 photos of remarkable designs

Some designers deserve a medal for their incredible talent. Just check out this cool selection!

Combining practicality with creativity is what makes a design stand out. And some designers create or rework products in such a way that we can only admire their creative genius.

Here are 20 photos of some remarkable designs and ideas.

1. Bike stands at a dentist's

© madentr12/reddit

2. A coffee doser that's also a clip

© embrace_singularity/reddit

3. Fun and functional

© j3ffr33d0m/reddit

4. A bowl made from 3 bamboo leaves

© 9999monkeys/reddit

5. Mickey Mouse-shaped - great way to get kids to wash their hands!

© jem711/reddit

6. An umbrella appears when it rains

© jebbaok/reddit

7. Valentine's Day in Lithuania

© DaArunas/reddit

8. Practical and hygienic solution

© rastroboy/reddit

9. Incredible carpentry

© sloppyF***s/reddit

10. Cool way to encourage people to reduce pollution

© henr_u/reddit

11. Made from a recycled bottle and in the shape of water bottle

© Tyler__Harris/reddit

12. In this school, you can get fit and enjoy a smoothie after your workout

© _Nrpdude_/reddit

13. A fun way to put rubbish in the trash

© Oltarus/reddit

14. Ergonomic shopping basket

© eeega34/reddit

15. Alien streetlamp

© blanquillo19/reddit

16. So you can see how much is left

© chris102099/reddit

17. Preserve trees!

© Kiwi8079/reddit

18. Cool restroom sign shadows

© Rook_Mozga/reddit

19. One for tea-lovers

© nextje***/reddit

20. A removable base

© SAM041287/reddit